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TCS explore is a digitally re-imagined program that enables you to increase your knowledge anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. It is also designed to prepare the industry by helping develop essential software engineering skills, inculcating a process mindset, and nurturing professionalism.

TCS Xplore login page

Making a new account on TCS Xplore is easy, and you must follow the steps below for registration. Create an account with the help of the below steps

  • First, open the official website,i.e.,https://nextstep.tcs.com/ and click on the register now link.
  • Now you need to select IT from the given options.
  • Fill out the complete form and note the reference ID and password.
  • Now use the same link to login into the TCS Xplore portal
  • Click on the application form
  • And now, fill out the mandatory fields of the application form.

Reset the Xplore login password

If you do not remember your password or lost your user ID or any login credentials, follow the below steps.

The first solution is getting in touch with customer care support service and getting your login credentials unlocked or reset.

Or you can follow the below-given steps to reset the credentials

  • Via the official website, you can reset or change your password.
  • Now enter the username, email if and name to search your account and click the search button.
  • After that, you must check the email address connected with your account, as you must have received a password reset email.
  • Follow the email instructions, and your login credentials will reset.

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How to fix the TCS Xplore login problem?

Below are some of the most common login problems a user can face while logging into the TCS Xplore login portal.

  • If you forgot your login password, you can use the forgot password button to reset the user login details.
  • Now check the email/username and password if they are spelled correctly.
  • Complete the Captcha verification and click on next.
  • If nothing works, you can always contact customer care service and seek their help.

After going to the above steps, if nothing is working, you can create a new account with a different email ID or try to fix the issue by troubleshooting.

TCS Xplore 1 and Xplore 2

Xplore 1 and Xplore 2 are self-learning programs for TCS Ninja. All freshers of Ninja are given options to select either from Xplore 1 or Xplore 2. Below are the benefits of the same

TCS Xplore 1 Benefits

  • Early joining
  • If the score of candidates is more than 55%, then the joining bonus is Rs. 40,000.
  • If the score is more than 80%,the joining bonus is an additional 20,000.

TCS Xplore 2 Benefits

  • If the score of candidates is more than 55%, then the joining bonus is Rs. 20,000.
  • If the score is more than 80%, the joining bonus is an additional 20,000.
  • As compared to Xplore 1, Xplore 2 has more technical courses.

Course duration for Xplore 1 and Xplore 2 is one year, and before that, you cannot leave the course due to bond.

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